Kitchen Expansion and Remodel by BN Builders

At BN Builders, we understand that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where families come together, meals are prepared with love, and memories are made. That’s why we were thrilled to take on a kitchen expansion and complete remodel project that transformed not just a space but the daily lives of a wonderful family.
Our team’s professionalism and respect for our clients’ homes and lives are paramount. Recognizing the challenges of undergoing significant renovations, especially with young children in the household, we prioritized safety and cleanliness. Our crew diligently maintained a clean and secure environment both inside and outside the home every day, ensuring minimal disruption to the family’s daily life and exceeding the client’s expectations in safeguarding their children’s well-being.

Project Description

We are dedicated to making the renovation process as smooth and efficient as possible. Our clients appreciated the progress made every day, which kept the project moving forward seamlessly. This approach minimized inconvenience and maximized productivity, resulting in a timely and successful completion of the kitchen addition and remodel.

The culmination of our efforts is a kitchen that embodies the client’s hopes and dreams. Every detail, no matter how small, was meticulously crafted to achieve a stunning final product. The kitchen now stands as a testament to BN Builders’ commitment to delivering exceptional results, combining aesthetics, functionality, and quality.

Our client’s satisfaction and willingness to hire us for future projects speak volumes about their trust in BN Builders. We are grateful for the opportunity to have made such a significant impact on their home and lives and look forward to continuing this relationship with more transformative projects.

Customer Review

“We had an addition put on our kitchen and complete remodel of the room. BN Builders did a great job. Their crew was professional and respectful, and I was impressed with the daily clean up inside and out. With 3 kids, I was worried about construction and the mess that is often associated with it. They exceeded my expectations and truly kept my kids safety in mind. BN paid great attention to detail, and someone was always available to answer my questions. The contractors they hired were just as great. I was involved in all decisions that needed to be made during renovations.The process went as smooth as possible, with something being done almost every day of the process. The finished product is everything I was hoping for. Every little detail received attention, and I couldn’t be happier with our brand new kitchen. We will be hiring them for future projects. “
– Stephanie Pucci